The Powercoders Bootcamp is our full-time flagship program with supported job integration. It includes a 13-week intensive programming course with dedicated specialization tracks (Web Design, Advanced JavaScript, Java, Testing, DevOps, etc.) and a subsequent internship at an IT department of a company in Switzerland.

How it works



Application Process

  • Online application
  • Interview & IT test
  • Testing weeks (2-3 weeks)
  • Final decision


3 Months

Intensive Course

  • Web Development Basics
  • Social & Business Skills
  • Industry Focus (Web Development, Testing, Network, etc.)


6 – 12 Months


  • Internship in IT company or IT department
  • Accompanied by a volunteer Job Coach




  • Junior Position
  • Apprenticeship
  • Part-time job & studies at university
  • Long time solution

All about The Powercoders Bootcamp

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Dates & Schedule

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  • Giada Fallo

    Giada Fallo

    IT Instructor Co-Lead

  • Linus Murbach - Portrait - Team Powercoders

    Linus Murbach

    Program Manager

  • Romain Geiser - Portrait - Team Powercoders

    Romain Geiser

    Company Relations Manager | Futurecoders

  • Susanne König - Powercoders Team

    Susanne König

    Training & Talent Development Lead

  • Christina Gräni - Portrait - Team Powercoders

    Christina Gräni

    Company Relations Manager Romandie | Media Relations

  • Hany Wassef - Portrait - Team Powercoders

    Hany Wassef

    Job Integration Manager

  • Ya'ara Segal - Powercoders Team

    Ya’ara Segal

    Job Coaching Lead & Volunteer Coordinator

  • Sunita Asnani - Portrait - Team Powercoders

    Sunita Asnani

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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