We are an impact-driven organization and therefore prioritize making a positive impact in the world. We collaborate with other organizations to achieve our goals and jointly work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

We focus on “Quality Education”, “Decent Work” and “Reduced Inequalities” from the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030.

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Impact in figures



314 Graduates

have graduated from our programs



46 Countries

of origin of our participants



170 Companies

have offered employment to our participants


Job Coaches

350 Job Coaches

have volunteered to support our participants


Get an internship

93% of our Participants

get an internship after attending one of our programs


Get a job

60% of our Participants

get a job after having attended one of our programs

Projects & Collaborations

The digital transformation increasingly requires innovative educational concepts. Together with our partners, we create opportunities for digital training to promote equal opportunities for disadvantaged people.

  • Powercoders International

    • Bring Powercoders to your city
    • Join our growing community
    • Gain access to the Powercoders Wiki
  • Futurecoders

    • For 13-18 year olds
    • Learn to program a website or design a video game
    • Have fun in courses & holiday camps
  • Digital Upskilling

    • Pilot project: Digital upskilling @ Die Schweizerische Post
    • Part of the training was conducted by their apprentices
    • Equip employees with digital skills needed for work and private life
  • Remotecoders

    • IT Nearshoring for Good
    • Recruits, trains, and employs vulnerable local talent in Cairo
    • European IT companies get vetted teams
  • Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

    • Deepen your cultural understanding
    • Utilize the cultural diversity at your workplace
    • Empower your team for an inclusive workplace

Get involved

Do you have an idea for a new project? Would you like to partner with us to create an impact for disadvantaged people with digital training?

Let's exchange ideas over coffee:

The good thing is that every hard time, every problem will pass; it’s not permanent.

Nisar Ahmed Hatami, Junior Web Developer at Evolusys/Bechtle, Alumnus Powercoders

Nisar made it. He managed the journey to a safe country. He is a junior consultant at a company he likes. It seems like the perfect story.

Without Powercoders’ network I don’t think I would have been able to take the step into the IT industry in Switzerland, no matter how much experience I had.

Mohammad Al Mestarihi, UI/UX Designer at Deep Impact, Alumnus Powercoders

For him IT is something like home. It has accompanied him through a good part of his life, even during difficult times.

Be crazy enough to trust yourself!

Abdul Nawaz Bugti, Solutions Engineer at Squirro, Alumnus Powercoders

For Abdul, one of the proudest moments of his life was when he could finally sign off from social service and tell himself that he didn’t need that support anymore.

My aunt told me that I should finally find a husband instead of going back to school for another education.

Mannar Hielal, Software Developer at Liip, Alumna Powercoders

Originally from Aleppo, Syria, Mannar fled her war-torn country for Turkey, and then eventually Switzerland, where she would join Powercoders.

My wish is to help make people’s lives easier and more effective. Through technology and innovation problems can be solved.

Raziq Adeel, Apprentice in Computer Science at IBM, Alumnus Powercoders

In March 2021, Raziq started his internship at IBM. Six months later they offered him a way-up apprenticeship.