Help us to create a better future!

Powercoders is a non-profit organization. We rely on donations to continue our work helping our refugee students secure a better future in cities throughout Switzerland. 100% of your donations go directly to the operation of our program.

You can either support us in general, or you donate to a specific need of our program: food, transport and activities. With an annual donation you support our work in the long term. You will receive a report of our impact at the end of every year.

Make a donation as a birthday gift and hand over a donation certificate to your beloved ones.



Support a specific cause:


Eating is more than mere food intake. Eating means living and growing together as a community. During the 13 weeks of the IT bootcamp, we offer our class of 20 students coffee breaks and lunches. Once they start their internships, we also organize monthly meet-ups for them in order to maintain our supportive community. Support us in offering our students tasty and healthy meals!

  • CHF 60 a coffee break for our class
  • CHF 120 food and drinks for a meet-up
  • CHF 240 a lunch for our whole class

Donate Food!



Traveling to class every day is a student’s basic first step in starting to learn. About half of our students need financial support to cover their travel expenses during our 13 week IT boot-camp.

Support our students by covering their travel expenses, allowing them to get to class and start a new life.

  • CHF 40 multi-trip ticket for a student
  • CHF 70 monthly regional travel card for a student (1 zone)
  • CHF 140 monthly regional travel card for a student (4 zones)
  • CHF 245 monthly GA travelcard (younger than 25)
  • CHF 340 monthly GA travelcard (adults)

Donate Transport!


It is not just unhealthy to code non-stop for a whole week, but also almost impossible, especially when you are not used to doing so. Switzerland is also an incredible country and our students have so much to discover about it. Therefore, the entire class takes part in an activity on Wednesday afternoons. You can support us by offering them activities that are fun and inspiring.

  • CHF 60 offering a coffee break on a Wednesday afternoon
  • CHF 90 renting ice skates for 18 students
  • CHF 120 summit drinks, after a wonderful hike in the Swiss Alps
  • CHF 180 small tour on Lake Zürich or Lake Geneva
  • CHF 250 city tour for the whole class (20 students)
  • CHF 360 15 tickets for the Zoo Zürich

Donate Food!