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If you are an IT professional, would like to support our participants in solving IT challenges and like to work in a team, come join us. We are also open to suggestions if you would like to provide an input on a specific IT theme.

We believe in promoting equal opportunities for diverse talents in the IT industry. Our goal is to open the doors to the labor market for IT-skilled refugees and migrants so that they can regain their independence. We are a non-profit organization that depends on the commitment of many incredible volunteers – people who truly make a difference.

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«My experience as an IT trainer with Powercoders confirms the talent that refugees and migrants bring to the table and how much they can contribute if given a chance. For myself, I get to keep my IT skills fresh, understand how students learn best, and discover other cultures and life experiences. Everyone gets a lot out of it.»

Tristan Labelle, IT Trainer

«On joining Powercoders, I was truly impressed by the quality and dedication of all the people involved, professionals and volunteers alike. And the coachees are amazing : talented, hard workers, highly motivated, yet vulnerable, humble and immensely grateful. It’s a honour to stand on their side.»

Olivier Cohu, Job Coach

“Accompanying Powercoders participants on their journeys as a job coach is a deeply rewarding experience. The icing on the cake is when the participant is offered a permanent position at the end of the internship, and has an opportunity to gain financial independence.”

Paul Janes, Job Coach

Interested in training our participants?

I got a second chance at life.

Jamila Amini, DevOps Engineer at Swisscom, Alumna Powercoders

She was forced to flee Afghanistan with her husband and daughter and our very first participant to secure a permanent employment.

Portrait of Nour Alayouby, Alumni Action Board member of Powercoders

IT has always been my thing.

Nour, Apprentice in Mediamatics at SBB, Alumna Powercoders

Aged 22, Nour had to try many different paths until she found the one she wanted to stay on. That path began with her application to the Powercoders Bootcamp in autumn 2019.

In India, many girls go for engineering studies.

Shehani, SAP developer at UBS, Alumna Powercoders

She started her full-time job as an SAP developer at UBS in April, directly after her internship ended.

Every day when I left my house, I was never sure if I will get back in the evening.

Izzatollah Amani, Junior Software Engineer at Netcentric, Alumnus Powercoders

He was forced to flee his home country Afghanistan as a 26 year-old and was able to take refuge in Switzerland.

So that I can take on many more new challenges at Migros Aare

Gajendran Packiyanathan, Software Engineer at Migros Aare

He was a participant in our very first Powercoders Bootcamp in 2017, and one of the first ones to get a permanent job offer.

When I have an opportunity to learn something new, I get curious and want to learn more, and I ask questions.

Deniz Tokat, Mainframe Junior System Engineer at SIX

When he came to Switzerland three years ago, he first tried to find a job in Mathematics or as a teacher, but it was very difficult because of language problems.

Powercoders and Unic gave me the opportunity to live off social welfare.

Bashir Karimi, Frontend Engineer at Unic, Alumnus Powercoders

Bashir was leading a normal life in Pakistan, having a wife and two kids and a good job as an IT teacher.

Everything is well organized and there’s no need to fight for your rights as much here.

Ali Mengütay, Junior Software Engineer at Pix4D, Alumnus Powercoders

Back in Turkey he studied mechanical engineering and worked for a big company in Istanbul.


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