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Are you looking for IT talents? And want to make a difference at the same time? You can give a refugee or migrant trained in IT a chance by offering an internship in your IT department.


Around 100 million refugees in the world. Millions of vacant IT jobs due to digitalization worldwide of which 40,000 in Switzerland alone. We believe that in the 21st century, IT skills will help refugees to start a new life wherever they are forced to go. We feel it is our responsibility to respond to these social challenges. This is also a reaction to the shortage of qualified IT professionals.

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Powercoders is an IT work integration program for refugees and migrants and a non-profit organization. We offer 3 – 6 month bootcamp style training (IT skills and social & business skills), followed by a 6 – 12 month internship in a company. The intern can then be permanently employed if the company has a vacancy (all our participants have a work permit).

Our program in 5 steps

Career Days

The Career Day is the day when interested companies meet our candidates for speed interviews (6 minutes per participant) and then invite their favorites for a 2nd interview in the following week. Finally, they decide if and to whom they want to offer an internship.
The Career Day is an efficient way for companies to get a personal impression of the candidates.

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