We believe in promoting equal opportunities for diverse talents in the IT industry. Our goal is to open the doors to the labor market for IT-skilled refugees and migrants so that they can regain their independence. We are a non-profit organization that depends on the commitment of many incredible volunteers – people who truly make a difference.

Are you in to support our participants?

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  • IT Trainer

    • Support our participants in solving IT challenges
    • An opportunity to stretch your own knowledge
    • From 2-4 hours total, in Bern/Lausanne/Zurich or online
  • Social & Business Skill Trainer

    • Workshop or training for one of our programs
    • Help motivated participants succeed at the workplace
    • Typically 1-4 hours, in Bern/Lausanne/Zurich or online
  • Job Coach

    • Accompany a Powercoders participants during their internship
    • Learn from your exchange and the coaching support program
    • Min. 6 months, regular meetings with coachee & company

“Accompanying Powercoders participants on their journeys as a job coach is a deeply rewarding experience. The icing on the cake is when the participant is offered a permanent position at the end of the internship, and has an opportunity to gain financial independence.”

Paul Janes, Job Coach

“My experience as an IT trainer with Powercoders confirms the talent that refugees and migrants bring to the table and how much they can contribute if given a chance. For myself, I get to keep my IT skills fresh, understand how students learn best, and discover other cultures and life experiences. Everyone gets a lot out of it.”

Tristan Labelle, 2022, IT Trainer

“On joining Powercoders, I was truly impressed by the quality and dedication of all the people involved, professionals and volunteers alike. And the coachees are amazing : talented, hard workers, highly motivated, yet vulnerable, humble and immensely grateful. It’s a honour to stand on their side.”

Olivier Cohu, Job Coach

“Taking additional responsibility and giving back something with a value is my motivation and that’s also the reason why I am again with Powercoders. For me personally it’s a win-win, I learn about other cultures and have realized even more that the place of birth is sth to be thankful for.”

Beate-Christin Hastedt, Job Coach


Who can become an IT trainer?2022-11-19T11:03:04+01:00

IT professionals who want to support participants in solving IT challenges and help with the teaching. There is no teaching experience needed.

Who can become a job coach?2022-11-19T11:03:32+01:00

Everyone who is familiar with the Swiss business context, motivated to learn about other cultures and willing to regularly spend time with their coachee (e.g. once a week). There are no IT skills needed, just an open and supportive attitude!

What kind of programming skills are being taught during the first 3 months of the bootcamp?2022-11-19T11:02:51+01:00

Participants at Powercoders learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the first seven weeks. They also learn about GIT, UX and Agile Project Management. The second part of the course – after Career Day and internship placements – focuses more on server-side technologies, programming languages and frameworks that are being used by our internship companies.

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