Alumni Space

Welcome, dear Alumna / Alumnus of Powercoders!

We would love to stay engaged with you, read your ideas and feedback, and hear your stories. There is so much experience and potential in each one of you - what if we all work together?

The Alumni Action Board

5 years in, our alumni community is growing - and we want to keep everyone engaged and connected. For this, we reached out for help and have found Nour, Nurullah, Mebrahtu and Sodaba. Together they build our current “Alumni Action Board” whose purpose is to foster an alumni community that is full of trust, excitement and optimism to support each other & the next generation.


  • Portrait of Stacy von Cranach, Impact Initiatives Lead at Powercoders

    Stacy von Cranach

    Impact Initiatives Lead

  • Sodaba Bashiri

    Alumni Action Board

  • Portrait of Nour Alayouby, Alumni Action Board member of Powercoders

    Nour Alayouby

    Alumni Action Board

  • Portrait of Nurulla Cildag, Alumni Action Boardmember at Powercoders

    Nurullah Cildag

    Alumni Action Board / Board Member

  • Portrait of Mebrahtu Tesfazghi, Alumni Action Board member of Powercoders

    Mebrahtu Tesfazghi

    Alumni Action Board