Women Connect

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed in the exciting and dynamic field of IT, regardless of their gender, background, or nationality. Unfortunately, women are currently extremely underrepresented in IT, which is why we’re here to encourage more women coming from a migrant or refugee background, to consider a career in IT.

We have developed a series of interactive workshops, aiming to create a safe space to spark a fire amongst women to develop their interest in IT. Are you curious or interested to learn more about the IT industry? Would you like to see if you have a talent for IT? Do you want to hear insights from women in tech? Then sign up for the Women Connect Workshops before Friday 17 May 2024 and find out!


The workshops will include a mix of IT technical content and experience sharing sessions which will be led by established women in IT/tech. All workshops will be held in person .

This is for you if:

  • You are a women coming from a diverse background (migrant/refugee)
  • You are curious or interested to learn more about the IT industry
  • You want to see if you have a talent for IT/tech topics and, learn from women in tech

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  • Stacy von Cranach - Team Powercoders

    Stacy von Cranach

    Impact Initiatives Lead

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