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Switzerland will soon be short of almost 40,000 ICT specialists. At the same time, there is an increasing number of well-qualified, highly motivated refugees and migrants in Switzerland, who are struggling to gain a foothold in the labor market.

We feel it is our responsibility to respond to these challenges. Our response to these challenges is to promote equal opportunities for diverse talents in the IT industry.

Our solution

Since 2017 we have successfully placed more than 120 refugees and migrants in around 80 companies. We support companies find entry-level talent while helping them fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility, bringing diversity into their team as well as contributing to the Social Development Goals Agenda 2030.

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How we work

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  • Internship Partner

    • Meet our Candidates at the Career Day
    • Select Talents for Job Interviews
    • Offer a 6 - 12 Month Internship
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  • Corporate Volunteering

    • IT Trainers
    • Job Coaches
    • Workshop leaders
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    • Become our member with your company
    • Contribute to achieving the SDG’s
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Career Day

The IT market is lacking talents and our skilled participants are looking for a chance – you can help solve this challenge! Join our next Career Day.

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What our partners say about us


Are you a fully remote IT team who wants to boost their resources? Our sister-organization Remotecoders recruits, trains, and employs vulnerable talent in the MENA region and connects them with remote teams in Swiss and European companies.

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Why offer an internship for Powercoders?2022-11-19T11:05:08+01:00

An internship for Powercoders is a way to offer talented people from a refugee or migrant background the opportunity to access a doorway into the IT labor market of Switzerland. It is the unique chance for companies to get access to raw talent, get in touch with a person from a refugee or migrant background, and have a strong impact on his or her unusual life story. Almost every company who offered an internship has told us that it was a very enriching experience for all their employees.

How long should an internship last?2022-12-07T09:02:19+01:00

Out of our experience, the ideal duration of a Powercoders internship is 6 – 12 months.

Are refugees from Powercoders allowed to work in Switzerland?2022-11-19T11:04:52+01:00

Yes. All our participants have a refugee state B or F who have a work permit and are considered almost like Swiss welfare recipients. The state wants them to be integrated, have a job and become independent.


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