The application process for our programs can differ between the programs. Usually, the application process consists of (a selection) of the following steps:

  • online application form
  • additional task to do from your home
  • online interview day
  • testing weeks

We usually receive more applications for our programs than we have places to offer. The aim of our selection process is to choose the participants who can benefit most from our program and need our support the most to enter the IT job market.
We accept re-applications, which means that if you are not selected for a program, you can apply again in the future. If you plan to apply for a second (or third) time, please make sure to show us the progress you made and your learnings since your last application already in the application form.

Online application form
In the first step we ask you to fill out an application form and answer specific questions about your skills, your motivation and your background. Make sure to answer the questions carefully so that we are able to learn more about you. We recommend that you draft your answers first in a different document and copy them in the form. As part of your application, we expect a well written and presentable CV. You can find CV instructions & example by University of St. Gallen.

Additional task
After a first selection, we will send you additional tasks to do from your home. Usually these tasks consist of a language task and a technical task to show your communication and technical skills.

Online interview day
On our online interview day, we assess your skills in IT and English. Alongside this, we would like to get to know you better in a personal conversation and discuss whether the specific requirements of our programme and your expectations match.

Testing weeks
Testing Weeks usually consist of 2-3 weeks with around 8 hours creative tasks do on flexible hours. You will be working in a team and on your own.