Success Story of Rami Jumaah

Portrait of Rami Jumaah, Alumnus Powercoders

I learned from people in the course who already had more experience with programming.

He is our first student who graduated with an EFZ (apprenticeship diploma).

Business Engineer at Zürcher Kantonalbank, Alumnus Powercoders

March 2023

In his home country of Iraq, Rami worked as a mechanical engineer and studied law and political science. “But since the war, it’s been too dangerous there,” says the 27-year-old. He has experienced it himself: After his little brother was kidnapped, he had to leave Iraq immediately. Jumaah finally arrived in Switzerland three and a half years ago via Turkey, Greece, the Balkans and Austria. During a German course, a colleague told him about the Powercoders.

Rami was part of the Powercoders class in Bern in 2017 and started his apprenticeship at LIIP afterward. He was then our first student who graduated with an EFZ (apprenticeship diploma)! SRF portrayed him in 2019, read and listen to his full story here.

The story goes on: After this report, in 2019 he secured a permanent job as a Performance Engineer at Firmtec. This year, he got a new job as a business engineer in the field of multi-channel management at Züricher Kantonalbank.

Congratulations, Rami! Your hard work has paid off. We wish you lots of success in the future!