Success Story of Mohammad Altahan

Portrait of Mohammad Althan, Alumnus Powercoders

It was my first job in Switzerland, and working for one of the best employers was daunting.

He took on a huge amount of education and training in a relatively short space of time before beginning his new role.

Software Engineer at Zühlke Group, Alumnus Powercoders

October 2022

Mohammad Althan was a participant in our very first Bootcamp, our pilot project in Bern, in 2017. He was one of the most advanced participants, and also, one of the most gentle ones.

His experience at Powercoders was his first taste of software engineering in a new country. “Not all of it was new to me, but the experience was really interesting to understand the Swiss market, build a network and experience new technologies,” he explains.

After completing the course, Mohammad was able to apply to a Master’s degree in computer science. “I was really surprised,” he said, “because I didn’t even have to do a language test. I got accepted into the university directly as they recognized my bachelor’s degree from Syria.” During this time, he was officially recognised as a refugee and was allowed to apply for work. He studied his Master’s in English and also spent the time learning German, so now felt ready for his new career path to begin.

He was recently profiled by the Zühlke Group, where he now works as a software engineer. Read his full story here.

Also, in 2020 The State Secretariat for Migration SEM had a reportage done about our alumnus Mohammad. Watch this video.