Success Story of Farid Saberi

Portrait of Farid Saberi, Alumnus Powercoders

At that time, the only language for me was coding.

He speaks seven languages fluently – wait, make it eight with the coding.

Web Developer at business4you, Alumnus Powercoders

October 2019

Farid Saberi was a participant of our very first Bootcamp, our pilot project in Bern, in 2017. He was also the very first Alumnus who secured a permanent job after his internship at business4you. It was his success story, and of course those of many others who followed, that gave us courage and motivation to continue developing Powercoders.

“At that time, the only language for me was coding” says Farid Saberi who speaks seven languages fluently – wait, make it eight with the coding. The time frame Farid is referring to? The first few months of his internship at business4you, where within the first three he had developed nearly five websites and some of them with a CMS that was new to him.

His superior (his team leader at the time) Matthias Graf had originally asked him: “What do you think? Could you try to learn about it?” Amazed and surprised at his sponge-like capacity and go-getter mentality, they offered him a permanent job. Better said, they saw what he could do and decided to have a developer’s position in Switzerland and not only in the office abroad.

What he could do? Web development, which up until the company’s team in Vietnam had entirely covered that point. How could he do it? In part, due to the training he received at Powercoders as part of their first “batch” of students in January 2017. He had an exam with Christian Hirsig and then an interview with Sunita Asnani. They made a good impression on him right away, and obviously, the feeling was mutual. The other reason he was the right fit for business4you? Farid’s natural curiosity, open-mindedness, and willingness to take a chance on new ideas.

Stay as inspiring as ever, dear Farid. We wish you good luck and success for your future!