Success Story of Adnan Aljasem

You have to focus on the bright side. If you don't, you'll break.

He studied petrochemical engineering before circumstances forced him to leave his home country.

IS Junior Lead Architect at ABB, Alumnus Powercoders

19 May 2023

Adnan Aljasem: A Remarkable Journey of Resilience and Success in IT

When unexpected circumstances crush your dreams, there are people who choose to keep fighting against adversity. From fleeing war-torn Syria to finding his footing in Switzerland’s IT industry, Adnan’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Today, he stands as a successful IT professional, having found his way into the industry through the Powercoders program.

From Syria to Switzerland

Adnan Aljasem, a 31-year-old resident of Zurich, originally from Syria, studied petrochemical engineering before circumstances forced him to leave his home country. He embarked on a journey that took him through Turkey and Greece, where he stayed and volunteered for 18 months as a translator for NGOs. Adnan’s determination to pursue a career in IT led him to reach out to Powercoders while he was still in Greece. In 2017, he finally found himself relocated to Switzerland. 

Another 2 long years of waiting

Upon his arrival in Switzerland, Adnan initially faced the restrictions of an N-permit that prevented him from working. The prospect of joining Powercoders kept him motivated as he waited for two long years to receive a decision on his request for asylum upon arriving in Switzerland.

When asked how he dealt with this difficult situation of uncertainty and waiting, he replies, “I have a positive mindset. I believed that a positive decision would come. If I didn’t have that mindset, I would have been destroyed, both physically and mentally. You have to focus on the bright side. If you don’t, you’ll break. Volunteering for an NGO also helped me to cope by supporting and assisting those who are in need. I still volunteer at Asylex today.”

Pursuing Powercoders

Finally, in 2021, his patience paid off. He obtained the B permit, got reunited with his wife, learned German, applied for Powercoders, and was accepted into the fall Bootcamp of the same year, marking a turning point in his life.

Reflecting on his experience with Powercoders, Adnan shares, “Powercoders program as a whole provided me with a remarkable experience. I had the opportunity to get introduced to various companies at the Career Day, and I was matched with ABB, working with a team of lead architects who have extensive experience, some with over 30 years in the field.”

Recalling the Career Day, Adnan expresses his initial nervousness and subsequent success: “Before the Career Day, companies had sent their preferences, but none of them mentioned me. However, during the event, I performed well and managed to get noticed. As a result, I was invited to job interviews at 4 or 5 companies!”

From Internship to Professional Growth at ABB

“During my internship at ABB, which initially lasted for 6 months but was extended for another 6 months, I gained invaluable experience as an IS Junior Architect, focusing on Low-Code Technology,” Adnan explains. The internship at ABB proved to be a transformative experience for him. “My manager provided me with a clear plan and a helpful onboarding process. I quickly adapted and impressed them with my fast learning abilities. Soon, they gave me challenging projects and I even became the solution architect for a long-term project. I am proud of my accomplishments during the internship,” he says confidently.

Overcoming Challenges and Supportive Environment

While the internship had its share of challenges, Adnan’s determination and support from his family and colleagues helped him overcome them. “I was able to overcome the challenges with the support of my family, colleagues, and my job coach Franca from UBS. With their assistance, I stayed focused, motivated and organized. My job coach was a valuable source of support. We had monthly meetings and I could always rely on her expertise for various work-related matters, including managing work-related stress and navigating challenging situations. To this day, I am in touch with her”, he says.

Embracing Learning and Future Aspirations

Adnan finds great satisfaction in the learning opportunities available to him at ABB. “What I like most about my work at ABB are the learning opportunities they offer. The team is incredibly supportive, giving me the time and space to develop my skills. The work environment encourages strong connections among colleagues, creating a friendly atmosphere where I can comfortably engage in conversations with my managers” he explains.

Looking forward, Adnan aspires to grow as a Junior Architect and eventually become a Lead Architect within ABB. “ABB offers immense potential and opportunities for growth, and I am committed to continuously evolving and self-study. In fact, just this morning, even though I am on holiday, I completed an interesting SQL introduction course. I am determined to make a lasting impact in the IT field,” he concludes with determination and enthusiasm.

We are convinced that he will still achieve many things and wish him all the best, much success, and peace for his future!