Success Story of Abdullah Bilen

Abdullah Bilen

If you want something with all your heart, you can definitely do it and be successful.

Abdullah always loved computers and technology. Working at Beldona as E-Commerce Manager he made his dream come true, by never giving up.

E-Commerce Manager at Beldona

April 2024

Abdullah, born in a Kurdish village near the Iraq border, grew up in North Iraq and pursued a career in journalism. However, the challenges faced by journalists in the region pushed him to seek new opportunities. This led him to Switzerland, where he arrived with relief and hope for a fresh start. Motivated by his passion for computers and technology, Abdullah embarked on a journey to integrate himself into Swiss society and find a fulfilling career. Despite some setbacks and lack of support from job integration organizations, he remained determined and continued his search for better opportunities.

Powercoders: First stepping stone into the IT career
Fortunately, Abdullah discovered Powercoders, a program that promised to equip him with the necessary skills and guide him toward a career in the IT industry. Eager and excited, he applied without hesitation. The night before his interview, Abdullah couldn’t sleep due to his enthusiasm, even spilling coffee on his shirt on the way. Nevertheless, his passion and motivation shone through, and he was accepted into the program.

During his time at Powercoders, Abdullah faced the challenge of limited prior IT experience. However, his hunger for knowledge and determination overshadowed any obstacles that came his way. In a short period, he learned a variety of new skills. The program not only provided technical expertise but also helped him discover his true potential and shape his future career path.

«Java Script was like a nightmare in my life in a short time :). But the most important thing was that my motivation and hunger for learning was much bigger than the challenges.», Abdullah remembers smiling.

Internships: Driven by determination
The transition from the Powercoders program to a full-time IT role was both exciting and challenging for Abdullah. During his internships at different companies, he encountered high expectations and personal difficulties, leading to his departure from the first company after three months. This setback motivated him further to explore and expand his knowledge in the field. After a few months, Abdullah began a second internship at another company with individuals who recognized his potential, pushing him to excel. Their guidance and support solidified his journey towards success.

Beldona: Finding his own footing in IT
Finding a job in the competitive IT industry was not easy, but Abdullah’s unwavering motivation and support from his job coach fueled his diligent applications. Ultimately, he secured his current job at Beldona through LinkedIn, showcasing his drive and potential despite his imperfect command of the German language. Working at Beldona has been an exhilarating experience for Abdullah, despite the challenges of starting a new job in a foreign environment with a new language and tasks. His determination propelled him to overcome obstacles and take on the responsibility of learning independently.

Abdullah is proud of his achievements at Beldona, where his role as an E-Commerce Manager allowed him to showcase his problem-solving abilities. He also played a crucial role in a pivotal ERP project, contributing to driving the company forward.

«I started as a Junior E-Commerce Manager, but after a few months, I got a new job title: E-Commerce Manager. I was really proud of that.»,  so Abdullah.

Paying forward: Powercoders intern at Beldona
Another significant milestone in his journey was the opportunity to bring another Powercoders alumna to Beldona as an intern. Sharing the Powercoders story with his employer and witnessing their decision to hire someone from the program filled him with joy. Abdullah took on the role of mentor and supervisor, imparting the knowledge he had gained, and felt a sense of fulfillment in supporting their journey.

«Abdullah is a mentor, a work colleague and a friend. He taught me lots of valuable knowledge not only in technical part around the e-commerce world but also in social aspects within the company. He is also open to new ideas and a great partner to discuss in finding the best solutions. It has been amazing journey and I am grateful to have been part of his cool team.»
– Ariani Ni Luh, Powercoders alumna, former intern at Beldona

His advice: Never give up
To all current Powercoders participants aspiring to enter the IT industry, Abdullah advises, «Never give up. We’ve overcome tough times before, and these new challenges are just stepping stones to success. Embrace the opportunity, stay determined, and know that you can achieve great things.»