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We support local teams to replicate and implement our Bootcamp Program in their city. Several bootcamps have already been successfully held in Turin, Milan and Madrid.

Powercoders Italy (Milan)
Powercoders Spain (Madrid)

Over years of iteration and improvement, we have developed a core blueprint for the Powercoders program which we have documented in detail in an easy-to-use guide called the Powercoders Wiki.

While it was originally designed for teams who wanted to implement their own Powercoders program, we decided to make it accessible to the public and open for everyone to benefit from. This is because we believe that sharing our learnings and supporting others is the key to maximizing impact.

The Powercoders Wiki offers you:

  • An overview of the different roles and phases of the Powercoders program.

  • Information on launching your own program.

  • An in-depth dive into how to implement the program, with explanations, templates and learnings.

  • A step-by-step guide that breaks down the tasks you need to complete as a team every two weeks to be on track with implementation.

Powercoders In Your City:

We have successful teams running our program in Italy and Spain, so you would be joining a growing community.

By launching a program under the Powercoders brand, you get the benefit of:

  • Fundraising using a recognized brand that has a high impact track record
  • Becoming part of a community of programs that share learnings and experience
  • Having access to coaching during implementation for a low price

Are you interested in bringing Powercoders to your city?

We would love to hear from you!

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