Company Engagement

Company Engagement

Is your company looking for talents and interested in a Corporate Social Responsibility engagement?

The IT market is lacking talents and our skilled participants are looking for a chance – you can help solve this challenge!

Join one of our next Career Days and meet our IT talents.
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How you can support us

  • Internship/Job

    Interested in offering an internship and in becoming our partner in empowering refugees & migrants?

    • IT companies and IT departments offering 6 to 12-month internships
    • possibility for a job offer or an apprenticeship
    • Teams who are eager to train an intern
    • IT professionals who are interested in cultural exchange
    • Recruitment of IT talents
    • Training of participants
    • Preparation of participants for their internship on a technical and social level
    • Support in terms of employment of refugees
    • Support of social integration

    For more information, check our factsheet.

    In order to get an impression of our program and meet our candidates (without oligation), take part in our next Career Day:



  • Corporate Volunteering

    If you are convinced by what we do, you are welcome to spread the word and encourage your employees to support us as volunteers. We are always looking for IT trainers and Job Coaches. There is also the possibility to support us with other talent such as helping with the social skills workshops.

    • The chance to let your employees think outside the box
    • Highly motivated employees because empowering will empower them
    • IT Trainers are IT professionals who support our lead teacher in class
    • Job Coaches accompany one of the participants during the internship phase
    • Our participants need to learn more than IT in order to succeed in the labour market. That’s why we provide workshops on social skills etc.

    You can find more detailed information on the volunteering options here.

    Interested in signing up your employees as volunteers? Please fill in the following form.

  • Corporate Membership

    Do you want to support a good cause with your company and are intrigued by the idea of getting something back? If you invest in our program, you empower refugees and are first in line when it comes to acquiring talented IT labour force.

    • Yearly membership fees based on the size of the company
    • Preferential access to the career days (interview days)
    • Invitation to the yearly community party
    • Access to the Powercoders jobs platform
    • Access to the Powercoders story for marketing and support from us

    Interested in empowering refugees and in supporting us financially? Please contact us.
    Contact for companies in German-speaking part of Switzerland:
    Contact for companies in French speaking part of Switzerland:

Our program

News & Events

Launch Ceremony - Powercoders Deutschschweiz

Another batch with another group of talents is starting in September in Zürich. Join our virtual launch ceremony to get to know the new champs and to celebrate together the kick off of another batch.

Mon, Sep 7, 2020 12:00PM, Online - ZOOM.

Powerhouse Romandie

Located in the heart of Lausanne, the Powerhouse Romandie aims to be an inspiring place for IT passionates where meetups, conferences, hackathons, trainings, and coworking will take place. Come and have a coffee with us or book a desk or conference room.

Place de la Gare 10, Lausanne

A Message by Adobe

The Adobe Digital Academy was just introduced to Europe and in Switzerland they collaborate with Powercoders to educate IT talents. Listen to Adobe’s opinion about this collaboration by Michael Marth, Technology & Software Engineering Leader at Adobe.

Divio's appreciation of our collaboration

For our partner company Divio Technologies it is a “no-brainer to work with Powercoders”. Watch founder Christian Bertschy explain why in this 30sec video.

A declaration by Evolusys/Bechtle Group

Listen to Evolusys’ CEO Jean-François Saint-Pierre talk about what the most important skills were that the Powercoders brought to the table at the start of their internships.

Appraisal from UBS

Are you wondering why UBS already engaged 13 of our participants as interns in the course of the last 2.5 years? Watch Curdin Duschletta from UBS explain in just 1 minute.