Powercoders is returning to Zurich in September 2019 as a digital learning hub for refugees in German-speaking Switzerland.

The timeline for the next batch:

  • Interviews: July 2019
  • Probation and preparation: July / August 2019
  • School: September 9th 2019 - December 6th 2019
  • IT Internship: From January 2020 (6-12 months)

We accept applications on an ongoing basis for the program starting early 2020.

Apply as

  • Participant

    Are you a refugee eager to find your way to the IT industry?

    • Learn or improve coding
    • Do an internship for 6-12 months
    • Get your IT-job

    What we expect

    • Passion for IT and technology
    • English fluency
    • Commitment
    • Full-time availability

    What we offer

    • Three month intensive programming course
    • Additional support with laptop, food, and transportation if needed
    • Coaching programme
    • Access to an internship lasting between 6 and 12 months

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  • Coach

    Our participants need more than technical knowledge to successfully find their way into the IT industry. That’s why our program includes coaching. Each participant is accompanied by one volunteer coach.

    Are you a local willing to support a refugee achieve his / her professional goals? Are you keen to gain and practice your coaching skills?

    What to expect

    • Be matched with a participant by the end of the school phase
    • Get ready by several coaching workshops
    • Meet your coachee regularly during their internship and help them to achieve their goals


    • You connect well to people from diverse cultures
    • You have a good understanding of the Swiss labour market and work culture
    • You can commit to invest time for (bi-)weekly meetings with your coachee

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  • Trainer

    Teachers in the classroom are supported by volunteer trainers (2+ half day commitment) to to help answer questions from the student group and provide 1:1 support during exercises.

    If you are an IT professional, like to support our participants solving IT challenges and like to work in teams, join us.

    What to expect

    • A classroom of students eager to learn
    • An opportunity to stretch your own knowledge by answering questions


    • You have an understanding of some web development technologies (Javascript, CSS, HTML, Frameworks, Python, SQL, etc)
    • We match your skills to the time in the programme where that material is covered
    • No prior teaching experience required


  • Company

    If you are an IT company, an agency or an IT department in the German-speaking Switzerland, and eager to support a refugee during an internship and eventually able to offer an IT job in the long-run, join us.

    For more information about offering an internship, have a look at the companies factsheet.

    For more information about Powercoders, have a look at our slide deck.

    What to expect:

    • Join career day on the 23rd of October to get to know the students (week 7 of school phase)
    • Interview sessions with students
    • Start of internship of 6 - 12 months

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Team Zurich

Andrina Beuggert

Andrina Beuggert
Social Lead

Susanne König

Susanne König
Teaching Lead

Hussam Allaham

Hussam Allaham
Industry Lead