Zurich Program

Powercoders will return to Zurich in fall 2019 as a digital learning hub for refugees in German-speaking Switzerland.


We are looking for a location in Zurich from August 2019:

  • Centrally located (max. 15min from HB)
  • One Classroom (20 students, squared layout, friendly)
  • Ideally break room and meeting room, and in proximity to the social/tech community

Do you have any advice or contacts for us? Please let us know.

Apply as

  • Participant

    Are you a refugee eager to find your way to the IT industry?

    • Learn or improve coding
    • Do an internship for 6-12 months
    • Get your IT-job

    The application will start soon. If you are interested, sign up here and make sure to sign up to our newsletter to keep informed.

  • Coach

    If you are a local in Zürich or surroundings and would like to support a participant in her or his professional integration as a jobcoach, please join us.

    What to expect:

    • Be matched with a participant by the end of the school phase
    • Get ready by several coaching workshops
    • Meet your coachee regularly during their internship and help them to achieve their goals
    • The coaching lasts during the whole internship phase

    The application will start soon.

  • Trainer

    If you are an IT professional, like to support our participants solving IT challenges and like to work in teams, join us. Check the job description here.

    The application will start soon.

  • Company

    If you are an IT company, an agency or an IT department, and eager to support a refugee during an internship and eventually able to offer an IT job in the long-run, join us.

    What to expect:

    • Join career day to get to know the students (week 7 of school phase)
    • Interview sessions with students
    • Start of internship of 6 - 12 month

    The application will start soon.

Team Zurich

Andrina Beuggert

Andrina Beuggert
Social Lead

Nik Clayton

Nik Clayton
Teaching Lead

Hussam Allaham

Hussam Allaham
Industry Lead