Success Story Nour

“IT is my thing”

Nour in a nutshell: witty, likes to laugh and talk a lot, a people-person, lover of Physics and a lot about her that she keeps buried deep down within. The latter might have to do with the fact that she had to flee her home country Syria to stay in Lebanon. From there she came to Switzerland with the UN together with her grand-mother, mother and three sisters.

Aged 22, Nour had to try many different paths until she found the one she wanted to stay on. That path began with her application to the Powercoders program in autumn 2019, her being accepted for it and successfully graduating in summer 2020. It is currently continued with the way-up apprenticeship in Mediamatics at SBB. For a Powercoders “success story” this is quite unusual. Our participants usually do an internship before being accepted long-term at a company. Well, Nour seems to have made quite an impression on the SBB recruiters back at the Powercoders Career Day. And she’s definitely a digital native, having been around computers since she was 6 years old. “IT has always been my thing.” This apprenticeship is an opportunity to put her passion for IT to good use.

The career paths eventually not taken till the end involved the matura and a secondary school for adults. Always, it was the German that posed too big a challenge. She had learnt it quite fast and has a C1 certificate. Applying that knowledge under time pressure, however, is a whole other level of proficiency that was asked of her. “I don’t regret anything, even though it was a lot of time waste. I met many great people along the way. That’s what made it all worth it.” This is one more aspect that describes Nour quite aptly, namely that she always tries to see something positive in whatever life brings her way. We definitely wish you best of success with your career, Nour, and that you don’t have to look very hard for the good in it!