Nisar Ahmed Hatami

Success Story Nisar Ahmed Hatami


Nisar Ahmed Hatami is an intelligent-looking guy who answers questions in an open manner. It’s very moving to observe how he conjures up even memories of the most horrible times from his life he eventually had to flee from. Nisar was born in Afghanistan but his family moved to Pakistan when he was still very young.

Life, he says, was not safe for neither him nor his loved ones. Having to constantly watch his back to make it through the day alive and, already as a teen, having to deal with close friends being killed made him want to seek a safer life somewhere else. The vision started to evolve that he would want to make it to Switzerland. He knew that to reach his destination, he had to pass Iran, Turkey and Greece and then through “some other countries” but he didn’t know how to pass these countries nor, of course, whether he would make it to even one of them. But off he went with a clear goal ahead - and he made it!

But why did he apply for Powercoders? He had finished college in information and computer science back in Quetta, Pakistan but could not continue to university for obvious reasons. While trying to really get settled in Switzerland, a friend told him about the program and he applied immediately. He had always loved IT because the field is always “up-to-date”. The fast-growing and ever-changing industry is the perfect environment for such a curious guy like Nisar. Recently having been promoted from intern to junior developer, Nisar wants to stay with Evolusys for a very long time. His aim is to give them back at least double the effort they invested in him by offering him their trust even as a new graduate and he wants “to do great things for them”.

Nisar made it. He managed the journey to a safe country. He is a junior consultant at a company he likes. It seems like the perfect story. Through it all however, there were many times when he felt like giving up. “It’s just so hard to be away from your family and everyone you know and love.” He was lacking the kind of support network that reminds one of “home”. Now, he is building himself that kind of network here in Switzerland. “I found many friends in Switzerland from many nationalities. And I found good friends also on whom I can really count and with whom I can share my mind. We share our happiness and we support each other in our hard times.” And he is convinced: “The good thing is that every hard time, every problem will pass; it’s not permanent.”