Bashir Karimi

Success Story Bashir Karimi

“Powercoders and Unic gave me the opportunity to live off social welfare.”

Bashir was leading a normal life in Pakistan, having a wife and two kids and a good job as an IT teacher. But then he had to flee because his employer JIS was part of the religious Hazara group and they were being shelled politically as well as literally. After his arrival in Switzerland, Bashir learnt German quickly and was working as a helper at the shelter in Laufenburg where he was living. Despite a lot of effort, it was impossible for him to get into IT or any other industry - until he heard about Powercoders. Being a successful graduate of our school and an internship, the web agency Unic in Zurich offered him a full-time job as a Frontend Engineer and Bashir is no longer living off social welfare. His biggest wish would be to bring his wife and children to Switzerland. As of yet, this is not possible because of travel documents.