Ali Alshweiki

Success Story Ali Alshweiki

Do you like the mountains? Do you like to climb?” – “I do now.”

That is the answer of a man who is not to be underestimated or discouraged. As a boy, Ali loved computers. So much so, he dreamed of becoming a computer programmer one day. An IT specialist by the age of twenty-five, it would take another five for Ali to find a job. This was not because of his journey from Syria to Switzerland, nor for a lack of trying, but rather because of his struggle to pursue his career within Switzerland. This struggle morphed into success once he joined Powercoders, and they provided the community and network he needed in addition to the skills he already had. Vevey is now his home, Evolusys his employer, and Ali sums it all up with the words “I am at the happiest time in my life right now.”

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