Abdul Nawaz Bugti

Success Story Abdul Nawaz Bugti

“Be crazy enough to trust yourself”

The interview with Abdul leaves behind a very bright mark - he’s such a positive guy, with so much willpower for getting ahead in life, so much faith and he doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone or anything. This is all the more remarkable, seeing that the circumstances in his life were not always favourable. Together with his family he had to leave their home country Pakistan for Afghanistan when he was still a child. Later, even the new country was not safe anymore, so Abdul eventually found himself in the Swiss asylum system. He was happy to have reached here but waiting for the final verdict on whether he was allowed to stay took a lot of patience.

It seems that what developed out of it was worth the wait: After the Powercoders bootcamp in 2017, Abdul started an internship at Bühler in St. Gallen, an opportunity that he literally jumped at. Since 2019 he is very happy in his current position as Solutions Engineer at Squirro. His employer is a tech startup that specializes in Augmented Intelligence. He likes the startup vibe and says he learnt a tremendous amount of new things in just a few months, simply because he was trusted with a lot of different tasks and responsibilities. His mindset is that of a man who constantly wants to improve himself: “If you want to learn, you can do anything. If you’re crazy enough for it, that is.” Sometimes the number of skills to be acquired seem like just too much to handle. But he always gets over the feeling of overwhelm thanks to his strong sense of perseverance, another one of his strongest assets.

Abdul is now a family father of two, successful in his career and lives in a nice apartment. He doesn’t forget all the pieces to the puzzle that lead him here, though: “Powercoders changed my life”. Without the program, his CV would not have been competitive anywhere since he was lacking a formal education in Switzerland. Powercoders, for him, filled the gap in his CV and prepared him with the needed skills for a successful internship.For Abdul, one of the proudest moments of his life was when he could finally sign off from social service and tell himself that he didn’t need that support anymore. And we at Powercoders couldn’t be more proud of him!