As a Mentor



Our participants need more than technical knowledge in order to achieve a sustainable integration into employment. That’s why our program includes a mentoring. Each participant is accompanied by one volunteering mentor from the beginning of the coding academy until the end of their internships.

Newcomers in Switzerland very often don’t succeed in finding a job in spite of good qualifications. It can be because they don’t know the Swiss German language or French, they don’t know many people or platforms, or they miss out on the informal knowledge about Swiss procedures or mentalities.

Spending time with each other, once every week is one of the most important ingredients of the mentorship. Without actually spending time together, on a regular base, the real questions often don’t even come up.

So the mentoring can include City tours, networking events, cooking and eating together, Tutoring Classes in IT related subjects or German or English, drinking coffees and chatting, hanging out - whatever it is, where support is needed and wished for.

If you are interested in mentoring one of our students, apply on the link above.

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