Powercoders is a coding academy for refugees, located in Bern at the Effinger Coworking Space. The first 12 week training for highly qualified refugees will take place from January to April 2017.

The 3 months coding academy is followed by a 3 months internship. The internship can be extended by another 3 months. The ultimate goal of the Powercoders pilot in Bern is the permanent placement of trained refugees in IT-companies and IT-departments in the Canton of Bern. Participation is free of charge (laptop, food and transportation are offered) and includes a mentoring program.

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We can not accept anymore Students!

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We are looking for IT-companies.

There is a shortage of skilled IT-workers, especially frontend developers. We presented our idea to IT-companies of all sizes and so far the positive response has been overwhelming.

Are you an IT-company in the Canton of Berne and interested in offering a trainee program? Please contact us.

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Who we are.

The idea of Powercoders was ignited by Dita Prikrylova, founder of a coding academy for girls in Czech Republic (Czechitas), Cornelia Mayer, founder of a catering company where she cooks with refugees in Austria (Topfreisen) and Christian Hirsig, a serial entrepreneur from Switzerland, during the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative program.

Together with a local team they decided to launch a pilot in Bern. The local core team are:

They are supported by the Effinger and the Impact Hub communities.

If you have any questions regarding Powercoders do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@powercoders.org.

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